The Family Healing Center, Incorporated was started in 2011 as a faith-based center to help those who were needing help with substance abuse and mental health.  It started out as a calling for Donna Dixon.  She believed God was calling her not only be licensed as a clinician but also to carry the Word of God to her patients.  However, just like God has let us choose, she believed that clients should also be given the option of having this in their counseling sessions.  

     In May of 2011, Donna quit her job as a counselor in a community health center in northern Kentucky to pursue this calling.  She did not have a way to make money and soon afterwards her spouse lost his job.  At this time, her husband began to work on Articles and a Mission Statement in order to be considered by the state.  Shortly after Donna left her job, she felt God moving her and her husband back to Morehead, KY.  This is where they both went to college and met.  Tim got another interview and went back to work. 

     One day. Donna decided to go for a drive with her kids and Mother.  She stopped at an old methadone clinic where she once worked and called the owner. NO one was in the building anymore.  However, the owner was a lawyer and told her that he had an office in the same building as his law office. After discussing this with Tim, they decided to rent this office.    It took a few more months to get established as an Alcohol and Drug Education Program and then a little later the DUI program was added.  Today that one office has grown into other offices.  FHC is ran and operated by a board of members from the Dixon family, but Donna says that God owns the center and has really been who is in control.