Most screenings and assessments are done at FHC. We provide both screenings and assessments for mental health, substance abuse, IEPS for children and DUI.

What’s Offered:

1 Children:
     a. Individual Counseling which may or may not involve Play Therapy. 

2. Teenagers:
     a.  Individual Counseling for mental health and substance abuse.
     b.  Anger Management.

3.  Individual Adults:

     a.  Counseling for mental health and substance abuse.
     b.  Substance abuse groups.
     c.  Intensive Outpatient Program.
     d.  20-hour DUI School.
     e.  Anger Management.

4.  Family Counseling
     a.  Family counseling.
     b.  Couples counseling.
     c.  Parenting Classes.
     d.  Anger Management.

     Type of diagnosis that merit counseling may include but not limited to: bi-polar, depression, schizophrenia, dissociation, relationship problems, ADHD, ADD, Autism, behavior issues, self-esteem issues, abuse issues, PTSD for trauma or Vets, and etc. All counseling has the option of using Christian counseling along with their regular session(s).