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 Mental Health




What is wrong with me?   I am so tired.  I don't eat meals like I use to.  I don't want to socialize with my family, spouse, or neighbors. I feel tired all the time.  I don't care about anything. I just feel sad. 


Just like going to a doctor's office for your physical body, we need to fine tune our mental functioning sometimes.  Depression stems from a cheical imbalance.   In the past, we may have believed that it something was wrong with us or we could do something to control it, but this is not necessarily the case.    We would just not say anything--thinking that it would go away.  But what if it doesn't--there is help. 

How do I know if I have Depression--let's look at the Signs and Symptoms

 * Do you have a change in appetite--are you eatting more or less?

* Have you sleep patterns changed--are you sleeping a lot more or less?

* Do you feel fatiqued a lot?

* Have you lost interest in things that you used to care about?

* Do you feel down, depressed, or hopeless?

* Do you feel bad about yourself--feel that you are a failure or that you                                                                              have let your family down? 

 * Do you have trouble concentrating when you are doing something                                                                                 like watching TV or reading a book? 

  * Are you moving slower or talking slower than normal or are you real                                                                                fidigety or restless and move around a lot more than normal?

  * Have you had thoughts of hurting yourself or thought that things                                                                                     would be better if your were dead? 

 If you said "yes"  to any ot these questions--there are several methods of help--please call 606-548-1502..